So be It


Thailand / 85 mins / World Premiere – Busan Film Festival

Directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasmee / Song Sound


Seven year old city boy William is the star of a reality show. Eleven year old Bundit is an ethnic minority from the northern mountainous region. The film follows the journey of the two boys as each learns the meaning of religion in daily life. A documentary fiction hybrid film that uses as its starting point a popular TV show and ends up becoming a coming of age story of two boys from vastly different backgrounds.

Director’s Statement

What do we still need Religious for ?

Thailand, the country which always call themselves a center of ‘Buddhism’. The country where temples were established plentifully in every province. However, coming to the age when we frequently acknowledge and consume all the awful news regarding Buddhist monk from our media, until we start to lose our faith. Furthermore, we live in the age that the world of social media occupy our way of life. Whoever could become the prophet themselves.

Is Religious still necessary toward our life, isn’t it ?

While Thai people confront with ‘Faith and Religious’ crisis. However, there are two borderland boys who spend their lives in temples. One is half Thai- American. Another is a descendant from the hill tribe family. The first one has lots of opportunities in his life, on the other hand, he always seeks and approaches to Buddhism doctrine. And the second one has no choices but must stay in temple in order to strive his life and so on. Temple and Religious has become the tools for seeking the answers in the two different ways of life for these two different boys.

Director’s Biography

Kongdej Jaturanrasmee has a Bachelors Degree in mass Communication (film and video) from Lat Krabang University. After graduation, he became a film professor at Assumption University and fronted the famous Indie band Si Tao Ter. He made many short films that screened in festivals worldwide.

In 2002, Kongdej directed his debut feature Sayew for Sahamongkol Films. It won the Asian Trade- Wind honorable mention at the Seattle Film Festival. His second film was Midnight My Love starring famous Thai comedian Mum Jokmok which won Best Script at the Deauville Asian Film Festival. His third film was Handle Me With Care made with GTH film studio.

Besides working as a director, Kongdej is a well-known scriptwriter. He has written many of the most successful Thai films of recent years Including Tom Yum Goong (Prachya Pinkaew), Queens of Pattani (Nonzee Nimibutr), Me…Myself and Happy Birthday (Pongpat Wachirabanjong).

His first and second independent films P-047, Tang Wong have world premiered at 2011 Venice Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival 2013.

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