Thailand / 68 mins / World Premiere – Busan Film Festival
Directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit / Pop Pictures


New Current Award, 17th Busan International Film Festival 2012

Fipresci Award, 17th Busan International Film Festival 2012

New Talent Award, 9th Hongkong Asian Film Festival 2012

Best Director, 14th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2012

Best First Feature, XII St.Petersburge International Film Festival 2013

Best International Film, International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2013

Best Film, 7th Five Flavours Film Festival 2013

Gac Best Feature Film Screenplay Prize, L’Alternativa20 Festival De Cinema Independent De Barcelona 2013


Sai is a location scout. Oom is an art director. They are working together at the same film company. Two years later, Sai is still doing the same thing. Oom, however, has moved on. When Sai’s computer crashes, she finds that the photos for an entire year of her life have vanished. Among them, are the ones of Oom. Some people pass through our life for only a brief moment. Without any photos to remind us of them… it’s like they never even existed.

Director’s Statement

In the old days, when I started taking photos, waiting for the film to be developed was very exciting. I would get 36 photos that had nothing to do with each other. Often I wouldn’t remember what the picture was or why I took it. I would have to create my own narrative to connect the events in the photos taken months apart. This film is told in a similar fashion, comprising 36 shots that are not directly related to each other. It’s like looking at someone’s roll of film and forming a narrative of a certain period of their life.

Director’s Biography

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Taught himself to make short films while still the university student. To date he has made over twenty, many of them screening at festivals around the world. His latest, Cherie is Korian-Thai, won the grand prize at the Thai short film festival and was subsequently invited to Rotterdam. Nawapol also works as a screenwriter for GTH, Thailand largest film studio. Among others, he penned Bangkok traffic Love story, the highest grossing film of 2009. He is alumnus of the Berlinale talent campus
Filmography , Scriptwriter
2012 : Seven Something (Dir. : Paveen Purijitpanya, Adisorn Treesirikasem , Jira Maligool)
2011 : The Billionair (Dir : Songyos Sugmakanan)
2011 : Home (Dir : Chookiat Sakveerakul)
2009 : Bangkok Traffic Love Story ( Dir : Adisorn Treesirikasem )