5 to 9

5TO9-TH-03Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand / 90 mins / World Premiere – Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Directed by Tay Bee Pin, Daisuke Miyazaki, Vincent Du, Rasiguet Sookkarn / Wormwood Films


5 to 9 comprises four short films that transpire across 5pm to 9am on the evening of the historic Brazil-Germany match at World Cup 2014, spanning intimate vignettes of unrequited love and final meetings.

In China, a young migrant worker has saved 3,000 RMB to finally spend a night with a middle-aged prostitute, but she plans to leave the city the same night instead. In Singapore, a local teacher and his paramour from China are out for a rendezvous, submitting the fate of their future to the result of the football match. The Japanese counterpart centres on a porno-projectionist collecting debts from the punks for the poor. The film concludes in Thailand with the filming of the last scene of a sci-fi movie. Behind the camera, the director is suspicious of his leading actor and the actress who is also his wife.

Director’s Biography

Tay Bee Pin

An alumni of Berlinale Talent and Rotterdam Lab, Tay Bee Pin’s first produced film ‘Breakfast Lunch Dinner’ has travelled to over 25 international festivals. His film projects have also been selected four times at Golden Horse Film Project Promotion

Daisuke Miyazaki

An emerging director, Daisuke Miyazaki was named one of ‘7 Japanese independent film directors you must check out’ by Raindance Film Festival

Vincent Du

Vincent Du is a documentary filmmaker focuses on issues in China’s society. His works have aired on Al Jazeera and been selected at international film festivals.

Rasiguet Sookkarn

An award winning production designer on many Thai award-winning films such as ‘Eternity’ and ‘Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy’, Rasiguet Sookkarn also directed music videos for Thai independent bands and is lauded for his strong visual style.